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13 CEUs

Creative Art Symposium 2018
Mar 08, 2018, 8:00 AM
5885 Robert Oliver Place

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The Symposium

Two Days of Powerful Art Training       March 8-9, 2018      8:00am
Creative Art Symposium 2018
Mar 08, 2018, 8:00 AM
5885 Robert Oliver Place

The purpose of this 2-day super-charged event is to build up your confidence

in art and equip you with easy techniques that highlight you as an individual with specialized training. You will learn exactly how to develop person-appropriate art projects that resonate with the hearts of the elderly. 


"This symposium inspires creativity,

fosters connection, boosts self-worth

and produces real results!"


Not only that, but you will discover how to reuse and re-purpose art materials that will expand your collection of ideas! You will learn all

this and more from your World Class Therapeutic Art Practitioner and accomplished entrepreneur - Sherita Sparrow. She is the MASTER at sharing clear and easy instructions that help activity professionals, caregivers, and nurses to do art successfully without any prior experience.


There's so much more you have to offer this world and Creative Art Symposium is here to help you bring it out! You will walk away from these 2 powerful days with an art kit containing customized projects, materials, and step-by-step instructions to apply immediately. Each project is designed to meet various levels of functionality and cognitive ability.



So let's take your skills to the next level!


Do you struggle with creativity and want to build your confidence doing art with residents?


Are you frustrated with projects that appear easy, but are difficult for residents to do? Then you find yourself finishing the project...



Are you looking for alternative solutions to connect with seniors on a holistic level?


Are you interested in 

strengthening your skill set

and resource cache while

enhancing lives?


Are you looking for creative ways to engage your loved one, but you don't know where to start?



Are you looking for age-appropriate projects that will

add meaning and purpose

to your loved one's day?

It’s time to BREAK the monotony, ENHANCE your creative art skills and FURTHER your impact!
Where Compassionate Souls & Creative Minds Unite

Lectures. Networking. Exploration. Resources. Party.

By registering for the Creative Art Symposium you will:


  • Boost your credibility and position yourself as a skilled professional

  • Explore adaptable and highly-inspiring projects that encourage freedom of expression –every  time

  • Practice simple strategies that add clarity around developing life-enriching art projects

  • Learn specific drawing techniques for BETTER results (even if you consider yourself a non artist!)

  • Learn how to find person-appropriate art projects with ease (I'll share my top secrets)

  • Confidently craft custom projects that resonate with the elderly (yes, you’ll know EXACTLY what to do!)

  • Identify your unique qualities that distinguish you and attract the more opportunities for career advancement and life enrichment

  • Learn step-by-step instructions that are simple as 1-2-3 that will free you from feeling overwhelmed

  • Discover the formula for connecting with clients or loved ones on a mental and emotional level that fosters breakthrough moments (even when the person seems not interested… or challenging to reach emotionally)

There's a REASON you landed on this page and it's not by chance... STEP outside-the-box and register!

General Ticket Includes:

Customized Art Kit with Templates, Easy Instructions, Cheat Sheets, and Exploration Booklet

Premium Ticket Includes:

Customized Art Kit with Templates, Easy Instructions, Cheat Sheets, Exploration Booklet, Snag Some Swag VIP Bag filled with Specialty Gifts and Healthy Snacks! Plus, other VIP Treatment Perks!

Friends & Family Ticket